A world without logos is like a world without life. A logo gives meaning to every asset of our lives, such as businesses. Each one has its uniqueness so that every business can stand out and represent its individuality in the market. After all, we are a generation of visual learners, so logos help us to remember a brand better. Hence, before starting a business, you must work on designing a suitable logo for your brand advertising. Knowing which type of logo is ideal for your business can help your business grow.

Types Of Logos

You have to analyze which type suits your business the best. So, here are some types of logos for you to explore:

Word Mark
In this logo design, only the name of your company is included. This type of logo is the simplest one but not as straightforward as you think. You need to take note of the font, size, addition of any special characters, capitalization, etc. A professional designer will help you with the formation. This category is perfect if you’re good at coming up with attractive names for your business. Let your creativity flow.

Pictorial Mark
Pictorial marks help identify a brand through images, graphic icons, or symbols. The moment you see the picture of the logo, it should automatically click in your mind which brand it represents. That’s how powerful a pictorial point of view is. Before coming up with one, ask yourself. Do you want it to literally represent the brand name or show a brand message? Choose wisely because a picture can speak a thousand words.

Combination Mark
In this type of logo, you can combine both words and images. Comparatively, this category is more popular. If you are a beginner who just started your own business, this is the type you should consider. Play around with words and images, and try to create different variations in your style. However, the design should be clear and straightforward for others to comprehend correctly, so make sure you don’t create a complex one.

Importance Of Knowing The Types Of Logo

Deciding on a logo for your business can be tricky as you need to consider the types of logos first and then put your idea forward. It can also take time for your brand logo to grow and get recognized by individuals. However, you need to keep in mind that how you strategize in making one will help you get the recognition you need and attract the right customers. Therefore, brainstorming beforehand comes in handy. Anyone can think of a business plan but how it is executed is the deciding factor in your growth.

For example, if we look at Amazon’s logo, it is easy to interpret. Why? Because of how they have delivered their message. The placement of the arrow from A to Z indicates how their friendly services can put a smile on our faces. In addition, the arrow pointing from A to Z also represents a large variety of stock you can purchase from. Overall, Amazon’s logo is an excellent example to take inspiration from. Do you want help in manifesting your brand ideals and identity? Unity Signs has your back. You can ring us at 281-679-5152 to learn more about how we can help.

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