You have rented or bought a place and hired a skilled staff. Everything seems on point, and you are now waiting for customers to walk in. Customers do drop by, they always do, but you are not satisfied by the volume. What is lacking? Marketing. Marketing through outdoor signage can give you a tremendous edge. After all, most of your customers are outdoors, biking to work, walking by for groceries, or running other errands. You can draw their attention to your business through outdoor signs. Plus, with various outdoor signage options, conversions can go through the roof. Therefore, it’s time to learn more about types of outdoor signage and how each can play its role.

Freestanding Signs

A-boards and Standees: These are standalone signs supported by a pair of legs. They can showcase anything and everything from an upcoming sale to a new addition to your business. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg; their biggest versatility comes from various placement opportunities. You can spring it near your storefront or on a busy pavement nearby. However, you may place it on the busiest of lanes, and it can still go unnoticed. That’s because of its limited size. Therefore, to make up for it, the graphics need to be impeccable and engaging.

Pylons: Want to scale up from A-boards? Maybe these monolithic pylons will entertain you. They are supported by a single pole or by two poles at most. These towering signs are hard to overlook. Therefore, they can impart your message in a split a second. However, their sheer size is what makes them quite expensive. In addition, few states may prohibit the setup of pylons. Therefore, check before investing in these signs.

Wall-mounted signs

Channel Letters: These 3-D letters are crafted individually to suit your needs. Made out of acrylic with aluminum sides, these letters decorate storefronts. They can act like your receptionist welcoming your customers to the property. Moreover, contrary to the name, channel letters are not limited only to letters. You can even opt for 3-D cutouts of your logo or any other character.

Customization options with channel letters are limitless. For instance, you can install led lights inside the characters for a lit advertising night. However, the finesse you crave from channel letters comes at a cost. First and foremost, these are hand crafted with a few computer-generated options. Secondly, led lighting or halo lighting requires intricate installation, where the expert needs to hide the wires out of sight carefully. Therefore, making channel letters an expensive option.

Light Box Signs: You can use these as wall-mounted or freestanding signs. These bulky signs come with an aluminum frame and a plastic front. The aluminum frame houses fluorescent tube lamps or led, helping you impact your customers during the night. This is a cheaper option yet impactful.

Have you decided what type of outdoor sign you need for your store? You have done the hard part. Now let experts at Unity Signs help you manifest your imagination. You can call us at 281-679-5152 to learn more about how we can help.

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