For every small and big business, signage is an important mean of advertising a company’s existence. Moreover, they are not only for public display, but they also help direct visitors around your business location and warn employees to hazardous or off-limit areas. Therefore, it is vital that you purchase signs keeping in mind some critical factors to really benefit from them.

Therefore, we have a guide designed to give you the facts you need to weigh and select signs for your business. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Understand Your Requirements

First thing first, you have to realize the purpose and the goal you want to achieve from displaying a sign. There are different types of signs, sizes, materials, and styles. You can only secure the appropriate one or ones when you know what you want from them. You must have some knowledge of what kind of signs are best for your industry, nature of target audience and the style best suitable for your business type. Knowing all this will enable you to go right about the purchasing process.

Quality is the Essence of a Good Sign

Quality is the primary thing you have to pay attention to. Good quality signs not only look better, but they also last longer providing you the value for the money you spent. However, if you are going to buy online, you must start with a single sign order to measure the quality before you buy more.

However, the best way to purchase a sign is to visit the store, see the quality for yourself, or have it custom made.

Size Always Matters

Visibility is non-negotiable. Your sign has to be big enough to be read easily. But, still, it should not so big that it makes things look tacky. The model size for larger signs is around 30″ by 30″ while smaller signs are decent with 12″ by 6″ sizing.

Be Careful When it Comes to Branding

Branding is of the essence if you want to establish your name in the marketplace and be promptly recognized. You will need an excellent logo, company colors, and fonts. And once you get these, it is imperative to use them in every single feature of your business. It should display on your website, all communication modes, and vehicle decals and categorically everywhere in your business premises including your internal and external signage. Harmonizing your brand and constructing it in little ways really leaves an impact on your bottom line.

Compliance to Law & Safety Measures

Different states have different signage laws concerning various industries including their type or size of outdoor signs and branding efforts. So, make sure that the size you are buying comply with the legal requirement. Furthermore, if you are purchasing safety or warning signs, it is critical to ensure that they are compliant. Check the size, fonts, color, and wording all comply with the legal rules. Failure to do so can result in your being penalized and having to purchase a second set of signs.

If your business includes a building open to public, then you will have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that calls for all commercial conveniences to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with disabilities by eliminating physical and communication obstacles.

They Must be Appropriately Priced

A sign must be appropriately priced according to its quality, material, and size. Moreover, if you are purchasing a lot of signs, you will especially need to be careful about the rate. So, it is better to approach your signage project by having a budget in mind. Keep in mind that if you require 100 signs and the rate difference is just $1, buy from the cheaper supplier will save you $100. Also, do not forget to factor in the delivery cost when comparing prices. You can also shop around to get better pricing estimations and results. 

Pay Attention to the Material the Signs are made of

Without a doubt, you would want your investment to last longer and to continue to look good for many years to come. So, check out the material they are made of. Preferably, you should be able to wipe them over to keep them clean. Furthermore, the material should be able to withstand weather conditions. For example, if your business location is in a very sunny neighborhood, then make sure that the sign is made from materials that can cope with this factor well because sunlight can fade a sign so much that it comes to be unreadable after just a year or two.

Choosing the Right Company

One of the critical things to do when purchasing a sign is to find a company that specializes in the type of sign materials you want especially when you are dealing with custom signage designing. It is because you will be most likely to experience faster turnaround, more significant quality execution, and better pricing when dealing with such a company.

Signage companies also specialize in certain types of projects. For instance, some companies have extensive experience in planning and placing the signs throughout a building.

If you are looking for a signage company that makes quality signs, ensure on-time delivery, provide excellent fabrication and installation services, then UnitySigns in the way to go. The company has been offering its signature signage services to the business in and around Houston, Texas, for more than a decade and is known to bring innovation, quality and eye-catching signage to the table. 

So, bear in mind all the above factors and your signage will look good and stay looking good for years to come.

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