We have built this concept finely that storefront signs are the key attraction and primary thing that customers notice. As a business and store owner, you have a strong opportunity to make an impression that lasts. An impression that makes your signage board look best from the rest. In this blog, we have compiled some useful tips for designing store signage.

Readable Fonts and Letters

As obvious as it sounds, your storefront sign should be readable from afar. While you can simultaneously look at the design and colors to make it pop, the readability of your sign serves an important function. It will be practically useless if people cannot read your brand/store name. Here are some tips to make sure you are on the right track.

  • Choose an easy to read font.
  • Make sure you stay away from elaborate and cursive fonts.
  • Make sure the letters are placed at a distance where they make sense to the readers.
  • Do not use all caps as it can be too much to look at.
  • Leave space between letters and words. Make sure there is not much overlapping or overcrowding.

Use Colors Wisely

Your choice of color also plays a crucial part in the success of your storefront sign. Color has a psychological impact on people’s actions and behavior. Sit with a professional designer to know the purpose of different colors and try to play around those.

Use The Right Contrast

A single tone signage is relatively boring than the one with the right amount of contrast between the letters and background. Dark backgrounds with light colored text or vice versa can have a visually appealing effect. The right combination can bring out the beauty of your storefront. You can also use drop shadow or outlining to make it nicer.

It Should Be The Right Size

When we talk about storefront signs, right size really matters. Depending on the area of the store, your sign must be expanded enough to balance symmetry. You can use professional designing expertise to calculate the measurements of your signage and letters.

Other Customizable Options

With storefront signage, you have a range of customizable options to tailor your signage according to your preferences.

  • You can incorporate graphics, illustrations, photographs to communicate your brand effectively.
  • Lighting options can include LED lighting, neon signs or spotlights to enhance the ambiance of your storefront.
  • Interactive features like digital displays, touch screens or QR codes can increase customer engagement.
  • Mounting or installation options can help you decide whether you want wall mounted, hanging, free standing or window decals depending on the space and variety of storefront signs.

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