Proper maintenance of your external storefront signage is crucial to ensure that it looks in the best condition all the time. In order to help you in this regard, we have put together a few tips to keep your signs in the best condition!

Regular Assessment Of Wear And Tear

Regularly assessing your storefront sign is crucial to spot any minor damages before they turn into major problems. This can include faded color, peeling paint or dimming light which can cumulatively impact the appearance and functional integrity of a storefront sign and its ability to attract customers.

Regular Cleaning And Dusting

As an exterior component of your brand or business, it is crucial to regularly clean and dust the surface off to keep your storefront sign at its best looking condition. Dust buildup can generally obscure the visibility of your sign reducing its effectiveness. Dust cleaning should be carried out by mild and non abrasive cleaning solutions and microfiber cloth towels to avoid scratches and damage. Doing this on a consistent and regular basis can improve the life of your outdoor signs.

Use Of Quality Material for Sign Mounting and Hanging

Using quality materials to ensure a sturdy mounting and hanging plays a crucial role to maintain a storefront sign visibility and durability. It is highly recommended to use high quality hardware designed for outdoor use such as stainless screws and weather resistant brackets to resist wear and tear that comes from rusting and external weather conditions.

A poor mounted sign is unappealing and can pose serious safety hazards. Hence, investing the right material and labor to mount your outdoor sign can increase both its structural and functional value over time.

Monitoring Fading

Direct sunlight can result in the fading of your storefront signs. In the initial stage of planning an installation, it is advised to strategically place your outdoor sign in a way that minimizes the reach of direct sunlight. Otherwise, the use of UV resistant coatings and special laminations can help prolong its lifespan.

Using Weather Resistant Materials

Extreme weather can significantly impact the longevity of your storefront sign in terms of material deterioration. Heavy rainfall, snowstorm, hailstorm, thunder and extreme summers can degrade the overall integrity of storefront signs. While some damage is inevitable, taking the right steps to minimize the effects is important including waterproof finishes, heat resistant materials,

protective coating and sealants.

Professional Maintenance And Repair
While there are some things that you can do at your end, other times you might need professional help. Hiring a professional sign maintenance and repair service can help conduct periodic inspections and required maintenance tasks. They can also provide expert advice to ensure your storefront sign looks in good condition all year round.

Final Words

Sign maintenance is an essential part of keeping your signs in top condition. If you are looking to hire professional sign maintenance and repair service in Houston TX, Unity Signs can help. Call us at (281) 679-5152 for more inquiries.

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