The lobbies and office reception areas are not the most attractive places in the world if you talk in general. Offices can be quite unimaginative, sterile, and boring as well. However, all businesses think about ways to end this trend. Thus, they try to make their offices look more fun and eye-catching.

Nevertheless, to make your office feel like a place where creativity lives, then you must start with reception and lobby areas because these are the places where your visitors and customers first set foot in. And if these are not looking and feeling good, it can really cost you in terms of brand image and businesses.

So, if you want to show the unique qualities of your office, then you need to stand out. However, at the same time, you do not want to look unprofessional and weird. The question is, how you can make a creative yet professional environment for your office. Well, a good start can be done with the help of lobby and reception signs.

Lobby Signs and Reception Area Signs:

Building signage is an incredibly important step in helping clients builds trust. Here are some ways that you can use to enhance creativity in your office with the lobby signs.

Signs In Lobby Area:

You can use acrylic paint on your reception desks as mounted and translucent prints. These signs in your lobby can be very attractive and are also a budget-friendly option for the office signs. They are highly recommended because they appear as almost a futuristic and floating look. 

Furthermore, you can use interior wall graphics and logos in your lobby area. It will have a modern aesthetic look and also add color to the place. Therefore, it will enhance creativity in the office.

You can also use directional signs as decoration or any other sign by quoting something interesting on them with fun colors and fonts. It will give personality to your lobby area.

Signs In Reception:

There are many ways you can beautify your reception area, and one of them is using aluminum signs. Aluminum signs work great for mounting on a reception desk. These signs are meant to lie flat against the reception, and the client may think it is an image that is printed on the desk. Moreover, this signage will give a glow rather than a glare.

Moreover, modern and futuristic designs are in demand for reception areas and come in all shapes that are made of many materials. They look desirable and suit every shape of reception. Just make sure to quip your reception with amazingly creative look with bright colors that help diffuse light very pleasantly, and you will have a modern, bright, and professional office reception that will surely appeal the eyes.

You can also use digital signage in the reception area, which will grab the visitor’s attention and keep them engaged while introducing your brand and its offerings.

Creativity On The Wall Surface:

You can give a creative aesthetic look to your wall by using 3D lettering. They are typically printed on durable indoor signs on materials like PVC or Ultra board. This lettering looks best for logos consisting of colors and solid shapes. These signs look attractive and sleek mounted to desks or onto the wall surface. 

Try to use signage with color combinations that match your lobby area as it is more attractive and creative when the surface material is contrasting. Besides, you can use signs whose’ composition is made of wood, stone, or any other natural materials. It works great for mounting from contrasting materials.

If you have dark walls, then having lighting in signage can add novelty to the area, or you can also paint one wall of the purpose to have a showcase wall.

Floor Decals:

When thinking of the creative lobby or reception area, we cannot ignore the advantages of floor decals. Floor decals are the best source to engage the customer’s attention. 

Print floor decals reflecting your concept of brand and also add some fun elements with attractive colors. Attention-grabbing helps businesses connect more clients. These prints on the walls and floor can be the solution to it.


It is a great key element to have a good and creative reception area and lobby for your office or business. You can do so with signs that attract and create a professional environment. And, they are meant to put an attractive and trusting aura for your office while also marketing for your business.


Through these lobby or reception signs, you can engage customers and the stakeholders so that they don’t feel bored while waiting. Not only that, but cleverly designed areas enhance creativity in both areas and inspire workers and clients at the same level.


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