When it comes to managing your business, a huge part of sales relies on attracting customers to your brand. But how can you catch someone’s eye without building up their intrigue?

Business signs and banners are a great way of creating that base layer of hype around your company. Whether to announce a new product or build your image, choosing the right business signage can play a huge role in the future of your company. But amidst all the different types of signage, which one is the easiest to work with?

This is where acrylic signage comes into play. Custom acrylic signs aren’t simply a way to introduce your business, but they offer various opportunities for you to experiment with.

What is Acrylic Signage?

Acrylic signs are made from acrylic, a type of plastic that is known for its versatility and durability. These signs are created by printing or adhering graphics onto sheets of acrylic, which is often transparent. However, since it is colorless, acrylic can be designed in any way you want. It can be colored and even mirrored according to the client’s preferences.

Known for their clarity and modern aesthetic, acrylic signs are also commonly used for indoor and outdoor displays, business logos, and informational signage. They offer a sleek and professional appearance, which helps attract customers, boosting brand reputation. Acrylic signage is also resistant to UV rays, which means no matter the weather, the sign will remain as it is without sustaining any scratches.

Not to mention, acrylic is so adaptable that it allows various customization options such as size, shape, and design. All of this helps to make acrylic signage a popular choice for business signs.

Types of Acrylic Signs

While acrylic is a type of its own, acrylic signage can be broken down into three different subtypes, such as the ones mentioned below.

1. Dimensional Acrylic Signage

These signs are often placed on the wall above ground level, with multiple designs and sizes. Usually, businesses use dimensional signs to boost the logo of their company, mainly inside their establishment.

2. Flat Acrylic Signs

Much like channel letters, flat acrylic signs are pressed flat on a surface. They are lightweight, thin, and compact, which adds to their sleek build.

3. LED Acrylic Signs

These signs have a strip of LED lighting placed inside of them, which gives off a very regal and illuminated look. Not to mention, LED signs can be used in multiple ways, especially for marketing your business.

Get Started on Your Custom Sign Today!

To put it shortly, acrylic signage is one of the most cost-effective and popular signage options in the market. Whether you own a small business or a large organization or just simply want a sign for a personal project, Unity Signs has you covered! We dabble in various forms of acrylic signage, and our designers have years of experience that can transform any idea of yours into a living reality! So why wait? Give us a call at (281) 679-5152 and order your custom sign in Houston today!

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