Signs have been used for advertising for thousands of years. From the Middles Ages, when signage was mainly graphical to cater to a largely illiterate population, to the Modern Era when they are an extension of a brand’s identity, signs are an integral part of advertising.

Moving away from simple storefront announcements, today’s signs are now a way of advertising a brand, it’s location and any promotions the brand may be running.

Among the most important and popular types of signage are pole signs, and their close relative, the pylon signs. These are the signs one sees mounted on a tall pole along a busy road. They are also the signs one sees from far away on an interchange, letting travelers know there is a diner or a gas station close by.

A pole sign can advertise a business’ location and depend on its size, also give information on space available, operating hours and any deals offered, as seen on motels, diners, and fast food outlets signs.

If installed in a populated area, the sign is placed perpendicular to a busy road and is unmissable to a commuter intent on heading elsewhere. When used for businesses away from densely populated areas, a pole sign acts a beacon of trust, calling a weary traveler to warmth and comfort.

These signs increase a business’ visibility from a distance, leading customers to the physical location before they ever catch sight of it. With a minimum height of 7 feet and at times going up to 40 feet, they are a one-time investment in brand advertising, especially if illuminated for nighttime visibility.

While pole signs can seem a pricey option for advertising your business, it is important to remember that once up, it is there for a long time. The increased visibility for a business – resulting in increased footfall and sales – will eventually justify the initial investment.

Pole signs are constructed of heavy duty, industrial strength materials like aluminum, steel, and plastic. They are a long-term solution to a business’s physical location advertising needs.

Pole signs are also seen as a sign of trust in business, and as Houston’s trusted name in signage, we at Unity Signs are the perfect partner for a business’ signage needs. We help businesses with local laws regarding signage and our creative design team helps realize their ideas for a visual presence. Our team produces top quality signage with the help of proven techniques and solutions and owning a fleet of trucks and cranes means we are well able to install multiple signs in a single day.

Seamless cooperation between our design, engineering and installation teams means high-quality work is delivered in a satisfactory, timely manner. Clients working with us are very satisfied and are happy to endorse our work. Businesses looking for signage needs ranging from permissions to design, installation and maintenance can rest assured that Unity Signs will give 100% to their requirements and are the best local option for them.

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