Outdoor signs are used by businesses to market their brand and location and act as a beacon to visitors. Driving around the Houston you’ll notice different, yet important business sign types all around you, tailored to fit the personality of the brand they are advertising. These signs are placed on rooftops, the store-front, by the store entrance or put high up on poles to increase visibility, with 68% of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their interest.

In Houston, important business sign types primarily fall in the following categories:

These are the most basic of business signs, printed on flex or other materials with a business’ name and other information printed on it.

Standard Signboards:

These are exactly what the name implies – standard boards on storefronts that announce the name of the business. These are simple sheets of metal with painted letters on them.

Sign Cabinets:

Also known as box signboards, these are A step-up the ladder from the standard signboards. The box signboards are usually made of an aluminum frame that is covered with translucent plastic or flex among other materials.

These sign cabinets can be back-lit for added visibility or interest in the sign itself. For cost efficiency, sign cabinets can be adjusted to light up only when it’s dark.

Electronic signs:

These are illuminated signs presenting a clear, colorful display for businesses.


These are tall signs placed on a broad base with high visibility. They can be printed on one or both sides and are efficient for communicating more than just the name and location of a business.


These are the small signs placed outside businesses, usually food outlets that announce the eatery’s specials, or discounts. These are usually chalk-boards or whiteboards, so information can be easily edited.

Reader Boards:

These are medium-sized frames with slots for interchangeable letters. Used to display real-time information, they are used by realtors and for displaying events at hotels etc.

Window Decals:

The decals are vinyl letters, numbers and graphics that are placed onto an adhesive sheet so the entire design can be fixed to the window in one go.

Individual Cut and Channel Letters:

These are 3D designs where the letters are created of aluminum or acrylic. These letters are placed on the background and they project a few inches away from the background.

These letters can be of two different kinds: channel letters, which are covered with acrylic and have LED lights installed within the letters and individual cut letters, which are ideal for showing off a brand’s logo and font. These can be illuminated from the back.

Different businesses use different business sign types. Some use flat letters (2D style) while others use built-up letters (3D style) for different effects.

For brands looking to make their presence felt, these important business sign types are the ones that clearly mark their location. The type of signage chosen can depend on various factors, such as local permissions, space available, budget constraints and business goals.

Businesses should never underestimate the importance of good signage, whether it is a simple signboard or a very fancy channel letters one. Good signage is like a fabulous team member who is available round the clock for advertising your brand.

The signage you choose has to be the most important business sign type for the area your business is located in – after all, 85% of your customers live within a 5 mile radius of your store and good signage means increased brand recall, which can lead to an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75%.

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