Merchants have always used signs to set their businesses apart from their competitors. Signage is typically the first step to being recognized if you want to run a prosperous business that draws a lot of customers. The best way to increase foot traffic to your business is with thoughtfully designed signage.

What is business signage?

Any graphic presentation that advertises your message to potential customers is business signage. It is the first point of contact with customers. It is the most straightforward and affordable type of advertising. It might be as big as a billboard or small as a wall poster. It can be used for advertisements or to convey a message to customers. Examples of business signage include free-standing signage, digital signs, indoor and outdoor signs, and more.

Outdoor Signage

These are the signs that are placed outside of your place of business. It’s the first thing that customers notice and creates the company’s first image, which attracts them to the door. Since it is the customer’s first point of contact, outdoor signage must be well-drawn and well-written. If it is, the customer will be more likely to enter your doorstep.
Additionally, it might persuade those who frequently pass by your store to step inside eventually. They can be of the form entrance sign, banner, or window sign. It could also be hanged to your business’s location to make most of the available space and draw attention to your place.

Indoor Sign

The interior of your store is the first thing people notice when they walk in, and the indoor sign is what keeps them there. This is a chance to present customers with your USP (unique selling proposition). Interior decoration, such as interior signs, can alter the atmosphere of an office. They will positively appeal to the customer and improve their mood if they are well designed. Additionally, they promote seasonal feelings, provide direction, highlight important information, and many other things. They can be in the form of wall or floor graphics, posters, digital displays, etc.

Which one is better? Both signs play an equal role in attracting and appealing to the client. While indoor signage performs a tempting enticing function to the customers once they have entered the store, outdoor signage informs potential clients about the goods. It piques their interest enough for them to visit your store.


An impression is what makes the customers stay. Indoor and outdoor signs in it play similar roles. If the signage is strategically placed and the content is concise and appealing, it will help your company to stand out and make a place in the market. Knowing what kind of signage your business needs is only half of the battle. The challenging half is still left, which includes an engaging sign that captivates the audience. Unity Signs can help you with that, and you can ring us at 281-679-5152 to learn more about our services.

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