You’ve probably seen big signs on poles showcasing discounts, listing new products, and advertising all the wonderful things. But what are these tall signs called, and why do people hoist them up so high? If you want to know more about what exactly pylon signage is, keep on reading this blog.

What is a Pylon Signage?

Any freestanding sign held up by a pole or two is known as a pylon sign. You’re most likely to find them strategically placed near the road, making it easier for passersby to read them. The best part about pylon signs is that you can customize them to fit messages on either sign of the board. Not to mention, since their frames are made with either aluminum or steel, pylon signs are known to stand their ground. This means that they’re not as easily susceptible to warping or fading.

Plus, you can even amp up the aesthetics of pylon signage by adding LED backlights. This helps to cast a natural-looking glow around the sign, illuminating it so people can read it even at night.

Is A Pylon Sign The Same as a Monument Sign?

If you’re familiar with types of business signs, you probably think that pylon signs are the same as monument signs. However, that’s not quite true. Even though the two share similar aspects, they’re two different signages, with pylon signs offering more benefits.

For instance, both monument and pylon signs are mounted atop poles, advertising your business. But what sets them apart is their height. Where monument signs are only visible at eye level, pylon signs can stretch way above ground. They’re meant to stick out, alerting people far away of their existence.

Why Should You Choose Pylon Signage for Your Business?

There are plenty of reasons why pylon signages are highly beneficial. Whether for roadside shops or hard-to-find locations, they’re ideal for bringing in more customers. When compared to other signs, pylon signs always come on top. Mentioned below are some factors that impact pylon signage’s usefulness.

  • Location
    Depending on the location of your business, pylon signage can work wonders. If your store is hard to find or located far away, a tall-standing sign could help your customers easily find you.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    Since pylon signs are so big, you can edit and create as much as you want on them. There’s no fear of inserting images and fancy lettering. Thanks to the large space, you don’t even have to worry about cramming logos and text.
  • Visibility
    Most of the advantages of a pylon sign are owed to its height and visibility. Since you can spot them from way far back, it helps to bring more people to your store. The taller it is, the more area it can reach in terms of visibility.

Closing Word

To conclude, pylon signage is a great way to boost your business. Thanks to their visibility and quality, pylon signs are an excellent way to increase your customer flow. If you, too, want to invest in pylon signage, reach out to Unity Signs at (281) 679-5152 for more information on the design and installation process. You can also find us at our outlet in Houston at 16611 W Little York Rd Suite #B, Houston, TX 77084. We’re located right beside La Bakery and Marco’s Pizza.

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