Business signage and signs are both forms of visual communication. However, their purposes and audience differ quite majorly. Signage is an effective way to convey messages and concerns into a concise manner. They are known to be an effective marketing strategy. In this blog we will explain the differences between business signage and signs.
In easy terms, all business signage is a form of signs but not all signs are business signage.

Let us explore in detail.

What Are Signs

Signs serve as a tool to deliver concise and direct information. This can include street signs, warning signs, or even simple sign language. Anything that can be decoded into a small and meaningful piece of information can be called a sign.

Signs are often designed to be easily understood and utilize symbols or short phrases rather than complete information or long paragraphs. Signs are also a form of universally accepted mode of communication such as a yellow sign can be meant to be a danger site, or a stop sign can easily be imagined as an octagonal shape and red in color to communicate a clear message that does not need any sort of explanation.

What is Business Signage?

While signs can include an overarching variety of purposes such as caution or directional, business signage is ought for a single and straightforward purpose. Business signage in Houston, TX, and even all across the globe, used mostly for advertising and marketing purposes.

Business signage leans towards being more complex and information heavy. It aims towards being more complex and detailed – delivering a comprehensive message. Take an example of a retail store. Not only does it have one storefront sign that is the main but makes use of multiple types of signs for promotions, deals, packages and labeling.

Business signage can be broken down in two categories such as traditional and digital signage. While traditional signage is a common billboard and storefront option, digital signage offers a more profound and eye-catching way of delivering information.

Other Differences of Signs and Business Signage

While we have talked about the common differences in approaches. Let us list down some more differences to build on these concepts.

  • Signs can be found in various locations both indoors and outdoors such as public spaces, roadsides, expansive facilities while business signage is typically located near the business premise.
  • While signs are more simple and universal to cater to everyone, business signage emphasizes on branding and visual appeal while incorporating business elements such as logo, colors and fonts.
  • Signs cater to the general or mass public while business signage targets potential customers in targeted demographics in Houston, TX or otherwise.

Why is Signage So Important?

General signs and business signage are important in their own way. While one allows you to recall or spot right directions, others help locate a business. We cannot overweigh the importance of one on another.

While signs help you maneuver a place or avoid any hazard, business signage helps you tell a story about your brand based in Houston, TX. While the internet has made life extremely convenient, it has also increased within-market competition. The use of right signage and combinations can enhance your overall brand experience and response.

Final Words

If you own a brand and have an in-store presence, business signage can be your best friend. Not only can it give a physical recognition to your store but increase footfall and overall sales.

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