Receptions are relatively high traffic areas. They are the first viewing areas for your customers or employees. Receptions also serve as the primary point for answering queries about the provided service. In this blog, we will talk about the importance of reception signage in an office.

What Is Reception Signage?

Reception signage, as the name holds, is a visually appealing and informative sign that is strategically placed in the reception area. These signs are the primary point of contact for visitors. Reception signage can include the following features:

  • Name of the company
  • Logo of the company
  • Directions to navigate the office area
  • Personalized greetings
  • Digital displays
  • Informational content
  • Interactive elements like QR codes

Here Are Some Reasons Why Reception Signage is Important For Your Office

When it comes to offices, reception signage is one of the primary business considerations. They provide a sense of identity and premise to your office space. Many service based offices where they have constant clients incoming – having a designated reception space becomes really important.
Let us talk about some reasons why office reception signage can benefit your business.

1. Provides An Entryway To The Office

Imagine a room where there is no reserved space for reception. You are likely to wander off your way to find the right help. In contrast, imagine entering into an office where there is a designated reception space. Your first thought is to go there and seek help. A reception holds its identity by its signage. This can range from a mere business name to directions and timings related information.

2. Showcases Integrity and Office Culture

Reception signage is an investment that holds great return value. Professional reception signage in Houston-based businesses increases their credibility. It helps build trust and maintain a positive office culture. It serves as a reassuring tool for your clients that you are an expert provider.

3. Enhances The Look Of Your Office Space

While adding functional value to your office space, business signage can enhance the look of your office in Houston. Choosing the right signage material, graphics, lighting elements can elevate the overall appearance of the office. It can provide the right means of help for new visitors but also add a touch of sophistication and professionalism.

4. Improved Customer Experience and Wayfinding

Signage in Houston, TX, or worldwide is an overarching concept. While it primarily includes displaying brand name, multiple signage options can fulfill different needs. You can include wayfinding signage options in your reception area for self-guidance. Given the different business niches, you can add necessary but concise information on reception display. This calls for an improved and welcoming customer experience.

Types of Reception Signage You Can Choose From For Your Houston Office

Consider your brand’s identity, niche, budget, customer’s POV, before choosing the reception signage for your office. Here are some common examples to consider!

  • Dimensional signs
  • Contour cut signs
  • Wall graphics
  • Standoff signs
  • Wall mounted signs
  • Digital displays
  • Freestanding signs
  • Desk signs
  • Directional signs
  • Illuminated signs

Final Words

Reception signage is an important component for businesses. They not only help display important and concise information but elevate overall office demographics. Talk to professionals at Unity Signs for the right reception signage recommendation. We will refer to the best signage solutions and advanced installation techniques. Call us (281) 679-5152

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