If there is one business that relies on signage to flourish, it’s real estate. From “SOLD” to “FOR SALE,” — every sign has a story, and behind that story is a key to your future. For real estate companies, having an eye-catching sign is necessary. It doesn’t just help you stand out from your competitors but also puts you out in the market. But how can you design the perfect sign? Is there a way to guarantee people’s attention?

Technically, there is. Most companies fail to take into account the big picture. They’re too focused on info-dumping on a single sign that they forget to pick up on the basics. That is why knowing what fits your company’s image and overall purpose is important when designing the ideal real estate sign. In this blog, you will find the top Dos and Don’ts of real estate signage. So make sure to keep on reading.


The goal of a real estate company is to bring exposure to their property. You want the customers to notice your sign, which means it must be eye-catching, trendy, and inviting. Here are some ways you can do just that:

  1. Do Work With Professionals
    Many companies think designing a sign is easy and can be done quickly. Don’t make that mistake. If you want to turn heads and gain attention, get in touch with a professional custom signage company. You can discuss your vision with them and watch them bring it to life.
  2. Do Think About The Placement
    It’s easy to stick a sign wherever the space seems empty, but that is a grave mistake most real estate agents make. If you want your customers to take the time out and scan the sign, it should be at a place they easily access. Signage companies are usually well-versed in the placements and can help you out.
  3. Do Maintain The Signage
    Your job doesn’t just end after putting up the sign – that is just the beginning. You have to ensure the signage is clean, readable, and stands out. For instance, if the sign is bent, peeling, fading, rusted, or even dented, it could easily be ignored, which is why maintenance is essential.


Now that you’re all caught up with what needs to be done, here’s what you should avoid doing at all costs:

  1. Don’t Pack In Irrelevant Information
    It can be difficult to hold back on including information. After all, you want the customer to have everything they need to contact you. But packing the sign with too much irrelevant information can do more harm than good. There’s a reason why minimalism is credited.
  2. Don’t Forget to Use Quality Graphics
    All text and no graphics? Boring. If you really want the customer to connect with you and reach out, don’t forget to utilize graphics. Expert signage makers know all the tricks and designs to illuminate a real estate sign.
  3. Don’t Ignore The Signs
    If your sign has been up for quite a long time with zero attention, there is probably a reason behind that. Rather than ignoring the signs, look into it. You might have given the wrong information, or it may be lacking a call-to-action phrase. Whatever it is, get it replaced as soon as you can.

Don’t Miss This Chance

Every second is valuable for a real estate agent. So, if you want to boost your sales, especially in today’s economy, don’t skimp on the basics. Contact Unity Signs today at (281) 679-5152 for more information and designs. You can also visit us at 16611 W Little York Rd Suite #B, Houston, TX 77084, United States.

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