Have you ever wondered why some businesses catch your eye while others fade into the background? Picture yourself walking down a busy street, and seeing a bright sign that makes you stop. The vibrant sign leads you to a quaint coffee shop which you might have missed otherwise.

The placement of business signage can make all the difference. In this blog, we will talk about important factors to strategically place your business signage in Houston to gain visibility and attract customers.

Why Is Choosing The Right Location Important?

Business signage is more than just storefront signs. While storefront signs are central to any businesses’ identity, more forms including interior, promotional, digital signage options help create a cohesive brand experience. Let’s explore the importance of choosing the right location for your business signage in Houston.

  • Ensures that your business is seen by a maximum number of people.
  • Helps increase footfall and increase sales.
  • It helps increase recognition of your business.
  • Helps customers find your location.
  • Communicates offers, special discounts and promotions.

Find Your Perfect Location For Your Business Signage in Houston, TX

For a business signage to work well, you must decide on the right location. A well-placed sign marks your business on the map. For instance, a sign placed on a dead end will have less visibility and attract fewer customers capered to a sign on a busy intersection. Here are some preferable locations to work on!

Entrance Storefront

One of the most common places to put your business signage is your storefront. It is a gateway to your business and typically, the first thing that customers see. While placing a storefront sign in Houston, TX, make sure it is the right size, fonts and colors to be seen from a distance.

On The Street

You must have seen business stand posts right outside some stores. This is also a great way to market your business. You can use a catchy poster or hand-written content to incite excitement amongst passersby. Only thing you should make sure is that they do not obstruct the pathway.


Billboards are a tool to provide visibility to your business. It is a form of business signage option built on busy streets and roads. Not only does it capture the attention of a larger audience but provides a platform to businesses to showcase their products, launches and relevant deals.

Store Windows

Utilizing spaces smartly is crucial to placing business signage. You can use your store windows to place business signage. While you want to increase visibility, you don’t want it to block the view of the inside. It should also not block the light and views from inside, preventing it from feeling claustrophobic.

Totem Sign

A totem sign is a freestanding sign that is used in shopping centers and patrol stations. You can strategically place a totem sign to attract potential customers. While making sure it is not overshadowed by other signs. You can achieve this by using brand colors, bold fonts, graphics and LED elements.

Final Words

In order to place a business signage, possible locations are endless. However, it still demands a business owner to decide depending on the nature of the business, target audience, and surrounding environment. Strategically placing your signage can boost your business sales, goals, and audience by increasing visibility and attracting more customers.

If you want to revamp your business signage in Houston TX, Unity Signs can help you design and build signage at competitive prices. Call us for a preliminary consultation at (281) 679-5152.

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