Catering to a population of more than 2.3 million people, business signs in Houston are among the most important marketing strategies for any brand. Also known as signage, they are critical to any business’ success.


What Exactly Are Business Signs?

Business signs are either outdoor or indoor signs designed to attract customers to a business’ physical location. However, they are more than boards hung on roadsides or on storefronts.

While they do show the physical location of a business and advertise the name and products, they are instrumental in attracting potential customers.  Think large pole signs for a fast food chain visible from a mile away or the flashing neon sign for a motel, directing a weary traveler to its doorstep.

Why Does Your Business Need Signage?

In a city the size of Houston, businesses have a lot of competition and they need to stand out from the rest. First impressions matter a lot. Having an attractive board advertising your business right at the location (as a storefront and window sign) or placed at the intersection of the road your business is located on will guide existing and potential customers who are looking specifically for your business or the products you sell.

People driving by your business or walking past it will not pay it any heed unless there is a sign announcing the brand and enticing them in. Signs are advertising your business 24/7, without the need for human intervention or an evolving marketing strategy and changing advertising budgets.

Signage also announces store timing, special offers, and discounts to attract customers.

Being the fourth largest city in the USA, Houston is constantly welcoming new residents and effective business signs are free advertising to people new to your business’ locality.

Further, when you consider some commuters from within the city and its suburbs spend a daily average of 90 minutes on the road, your business sign is doing is a lot of free advertising!

If this wasn’t enough to convince you, a study of more than 2,700 people conducted by small businesses over two years found 50% of the business’ first-time customers were attracted by the signage.

What Type Of Signage Should You Have?

A Business Sign should be clearly visible and reflective of the brand’s identity: the colors, logo, font etc. should all be in cohesion with another branding.

Storefront signs are hung above the entrance and window of business or placed on the rooftop of the building housing the store.

Window signs and A-frames grab attention at the eye level and pole signs pinpoint your location from a distance.

Signage can be painted or printed. Painted signs are cheap but can fade in the sunny climate of Houston. On the other hand, good quality signs last for ages but can be costly.

Business signs, like elsewhere, are instrumental in advertising a business and increasing footfall. Attractive, high-quality signage is proven to improve the bottom-line of businesses and you’ll be glad you invested in it when it repays the investment manifold.

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