With the approval of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it has become a necessary step to include ADA signage when constructing public buildings such as shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels.

Therefore, installation of ADA signs is a must while building a new luxury hotel not only because it is a legal obligation but also because it improves accessibility for people with special needs. So, we have listed some major points which clarify why and how the installation of ADA compliant signage is an absolute necessity for both the business and the people. Let’s get into the details. 

ADA Signs Provides Proper Means of Safety Assurance

A luxury hotel is specifically designed for fulfilling all needs that may come around the clients during their stay in the hotel and safe access within the hotel is a matter of utmost priority for any hotel administration. 

As a luxury hotel would have the clientele of all kinds, it is necessary to put forward their individual needs and provide them with convenience as much as possible. Thus, the ADA signs will ensure safety for people with special needs and will be helpful in guiding them around the hotel to avoid any inconvenience and mishap during their stay.

A Legal Obligation

The law makes it obligatory for every hotel management to incorporate ADA signs in their hotels. It requires that you display these signs in all the main places of the hotel. Moreover, the signs must follow the criteria set by the federal government including color specifications, dimensions, readability, and the typography of the ADA signs. 

These detailed rules are meant to standardize the signs and make them more familiar to the general public, so they can easily recognize the signs wherever they go and benefit. 

A Tool For Accessibility Provision

Installation of ADA signs in a luxury hotel can help people guide the way to a certain entrance or certain services in the hotel. The prominence of the signs makes it easy for every client staying in the hotel to comfortably move in and out of the hotel and within without any discomfort or confusion.

The signs bring in the sense of independence and confidence to the individual who won’t have to rely on other people for knowing about the directions in the hotel. 

Increased Quality through Sustainable Relationship with Clients

Adherence to the formal laws implemented by the government is a way of telling your customers that you do not compromise on the quality. When, especially, the ADA signage promises to end discrimination among people. Compliance to these signs according to the set rules, will help to earn customers’ trust and also help you form a sustainable relationship with them, which will, in return, help grow your business. 

A Need for Different Areas

Furthermore, there are places in luxury hotels that need to have these signs the most, for instance, swimming pools and parking spaces. Also, luxury hotels are usually huge in size, which can be a little complicated for a person with a disability, navigating and staying in the hotel. The ADA signs will help the person find the directions that will save him or her from any discomfort. 

Promotes A Reliable Image Of Your Hotel

There are over 2.5 million people in the United States who are legally blind and need equal representation in the employment division. ADA compliant signs will send a strong message from your business of valuing each citizen equally.

In short, ADA signs are a necessity for every luxury hotel as they ensure the safety of the customer, make the place more accessible, and end discrimination. Furthermore, it has become essential to adhere to the law.

Unity Signs and ADA Signage

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Unity Signs has provided countless ADA compliant products over the years. So, it is raster braille or photopolymer signs; you can rely on Unity Signs to provide you with custom or regular ADA signs with excellent quality.

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