In this age of technology, businesses still struggle in different ways when it comes to marketing strategies and business plans to capture and sustain a significant share in the market. Before a business captures a market segment, the first step is to catch the attention of its target clients. There are many ways to do it. 

One way is to use reverse channel letter signs for outdoor signage. Outdoor signage is used for three purposes: it gives information; it attracts the customers and also enhances the brand image.

Businesses all around the world frequently use reverse channel letter signs for their front signage to attract customers. But what makes these signs stand out from the crowd and help businesses? If you are looking to answer the same question, our detailed guide will answer all your questions regarding reverse channel letter signs and how they can help your business grow.

So, without any more wait, let’s explore;

What is a reverse channel letter sign?

The Reverse Channel sign is a three-dimensional graphic icon that adds a dramatic twist to the signature theme. The reverse channel letter signs are fitted away from the wall of the business or a shop that results in the light creating a Halo effect behind the sign. The reverse channel letters are made of metal and have a metal face.

These signs employ electric light to ensure visibility while it is dark with the purpose of drawing the attention; the light is installed on the reverse side of outward-facing signage in such a way that it is projected onto the surface behind it. Modern iterations of these signs will almost always include LED lights as opposed to neon, but both the color and intensity of the light is completely customizable. Reverse channel letter signs are customizable in a variety of ways and present more choices than with ordinary signs.

A typical reverse channel letter sign consists of twenty LEDs per single letter. The reverse channel letter signs are a great source of reflection of the company’s title board. They are either mounted on the raceway or the wire way to add attractiveness and boldness to the brand. These channel letters are available in aluminum as well as stainless steel in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes. Reverse Channel Letter signs are lighter and offer more dimensions than flat cut stainless steel and aluminum letters. 

They are visually appealing and draw the eye of passers-by when lit. The back of the letter is mostly black so that it appears black in the daytime and white when illuminated at night. The inside of the letter is white, which reflects light and gives an even illumination. 

The body of the letter contains light from a source like a neon gas tube or light-emitting diode (LED) module, which directs it to the rear. At night, this light illuminates the mounted source creating a negative image from behind, thus forming halo letters. 

In addition to this, a Titanium coating can give extra protection and put an end to the worry of tarnishing if used. Using lasers to cut the faces ensures the most precise cut possible while the use of lead-free solder can help obtain the proper balance of weight and strength.

The question arises that why do businesses use the reverse channel letter signs?

Before investing in an exterior outdoor sign, it is wise and helpful to consider some of the reasons why retailers and manufacturers frequently depend upon sturdy, flexible, attractive channel lettering. Reverse channel letter signs are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the image of the brand and are customized alphabets or numbers that are specially designed for business signage and brand recognition.  

This makes the name or signboard of the company more visible to potential clients. Let us have a look at major reasons why companies use reverse channel letter signs:

Source of Attractive Signage:

One crucial benefit supplied by a channel letter sign is useful and attractive advertising in one. And what is more attracting than a touch of drama when it comes to catching the eyes of your audience with signs. This type of signage commands attention with an appropriate share of color customization options. 

It is one cheap technique to advertise the company/Business:

Using the reverse channel letters for marketing is affordable as compared to other marketing techniques, including media and press. According to marketing critics, designing reverse channel letter signs is one of the most affordable marketing techniques to attract potential and regular clients.  

The on-site signs can encourage customers to come inside the shop. It has been surveyed that the majority of branded shops in the shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals frequently use reverse channel letter signs.

It boosts the brand image of the company/business:

The companies not only use the reverse channel letter signs for displaying the company’s name but also enhances the intangible element which is building the brand’s identity.  The trend is that businesses match the channel letters to the logo and official colors of the business and communicate the message of your business in an appealing way.

Environmental friendly:

One of the most acknowledged benefits for businesses is the fact that the use of reverse channel letters is environment-friendly. It is the way of creating a green business.  The LED lights used in the channel letter signs are made of neon and fluorescent light technology. Therefore, due to the absence of mercury and lead, it is eco-friendly. 

Source of efficient energy use:

Profit is the ultimate goal of any business and we all know that utility bills are hard on savings but with these signs, you can save your funds. The LED lights used in the channel letters use less power for operation. The eco-friendliness of using LED on the main reverse channel letters for the source of illumination can help you when applying for a business permit as well as dealing with electricity bills.

Advertise your business 24/7:

Businesses need effective marketing, and what is better than a 24/7 advertisement? Nothing, so these signs will not only do that but also eliminate a load of marketing employees for you. Reverse channel letter signs are always on a 24 hours duty. No matter what time or how the weather is, they keep up their display and advertise all the time. 

Lightweight and durable signs: 

Reverse channel letters are incredibly vivid, lightweight and very durable. These signs have a metal face with aluminum letters, and aluminum doesn’t rust. And a polycarbonate back prevents creatures from nesting inside the channel letter sign. 

They are even available in steel material, which offers even more precision in weight and size. Also, they keep their color for a great deal of time. 

Require Less Repair Cost:

These advanced Reverse channel letter signs allow rapid customized replacement at an affordable cost. Moreover, separate letters are better because damage to a single one would demand a single letter’s replacement instead of replacing the whole sign, which will obviously be very costly. 

Reduce Risk Potentials: 

The fall of a lightweight channel letter generally causes far less total damage than any other advertising logo or board. A good quality reverse channel letter sign is capable of enduring many environmental hazards like heavy rain or gale without fading or breaking apart.

In a Nutshell:

Reverse Channel letters are customization signs and are therefore, suitable for almost all types of businesses.
These signs can be customized in many ways due to the many variables involved in creating channel letters. From font to color, size, and even lighting options, you have a lot of options to pick what best suits your business needs. 

Reverse Channel Letters signs are a great way to bring a more nuanced approach to signs designed to catch the eye and are;

  • Reverse Channel letters signs can be made from a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum.
  • Logo boxes are an option for providing dimension and interest to  channel letter signs
  • Lighting is one of the most distinguishing qualities for reverse channel letters and offers many different options.

Summing Up

With the advancement of time, ways and strategies of enhancing business have also upgraded. To make your business reach the top, one must make smart and fancy moves to uplift it, and reverse Channel letter signs have efficiently played their part in doing so. 

However, you will need a signage company that knows all the ins and outs of the signage an especially reverse channel letter signs.  And when it comes to that, then what is better than UnitySigns? The company has 17 years of experience in all signage fields with hundreds of satisfied corporate clients. 


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