Business-appropriate advertising and quality marketing strategy are what every business needs, whether it’s a small-sized startup or a bigger one. And the careful selection of your outdoor signage is the main element of your marketing and advertising strategy. Your outdoor signage is the first impression and interaction between your brand and the potential customers. Furthermore, it reflects the genuineness and character of your business and creates a lasting impact on the existing as well as potential customers.

Lighted Business Signs are More Easier to Read

Signs inform and direct the potential clients being an efficient way of developing your brand identity and appeal to more customers. Therefore, an attractive and easy to read business sign maintains existing customers and bring in new people. Lighted signs make it easier for people to read the brand name and other details irrespective of the time of the day. They also make reading easier from long distances as compared to other signs which is vital for every business.

Lighted Signs Provide Day and Night Advertising

Signage is a cost-effective advertising tool as compared to other types of advertisement such as T.V or internet because a sign stays visible 24/7 throughout the year, providing a continuous effect. However, these signs are only good for a day, but a lighted sign will function even better because it will be shining even after the closing hours and offer advertisement all night long which is always a plus. If you want, you can turn it off for the night or any time of the day. So, lighted signs allow you to control your signage advertising as well.

Lighted Business Signs are Great for Businesses that Operate in Night

Businesses like fast-food chains, bars, or clubs that stay open late at night, can immensely benefit from these signs. Not only do these signs make it easy for the customers to read the store name at night but advertise these businesses at the time when it actually matters which is the benefit that other signs cannot provide.

Lighted Signs Require Low Maintenance

These signs are mostly built with highly resistant materials that can withstand years of use and exposure to different elements such as weather. Furthermore, using energy-efficient LED lights will not let you worry about replacing the bulbs frequently plus the life expectancy of a LED bulb is around 50,000 hours.

Lighted Signs are Affordable

There is a general thinking that lighted signs are expensive, yes custom lighted signs can be costly. However, the custom of not, lighted signs always exceed the initial investment due to their return on investment.  A lighted sign can be part of your company for life or as long as you wish or decide to change or upgrade it. 

You Appear More Professional

Using a traditional fabric business sign is not going to make your business stand out in the crowd because most of the companies or brands use them. However, having a lighted sign will not only make you stand out among the crowd but also make you look more professional because the work and cost that goes into these signs will make people think that you take your business and marketing seriously and put effort into it. Plus lighted letter signs are more eye-catching than the simple fabric signs.

There are Several Different Types of Lighted Signs to Select From:

Another significant benefit of lighted signs is that they are available in many different types. So, once you decide to go for a lighted sign, you will have a range of signs to choose from such as digital LED signs and lightbox signs (which are the most popular commercial lighted signs) as well as illuminated pylons signs, lighted channel letters, or directory signs.

Depending on your budget, business industry, and goal, a sign expert can help you choose the best kind of sign for your business. 

Don’t Forget to Hire a Company That has Good Reputation when it Comes to Lighted Signs

To install a lighted outdoor sign, you will require a good signage company as lighted signs are bit more delicate to handle than other traditional signs. So, don’t go for a company simply because it is located in your area but look for a company that possesses excellent knowledge and experience in all signage fields like designing, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation of different types of signage. 

And UnitySigns will be more than fitting in this regard as it has been providing specialist services in all signage fields for more than a decade and the team has a rich experience in making all kinds of signs including lighted outdoor business signs.

Although, lighted business signs can be a bit more expensive, especially the custom lighted signs as compared to the other traditional signs. However, with a little care and proper planning, lighted signage can do great for your business in terms of advertising and attracting people as they are easier to read and shine all day and night. So, if you desire your business to stand out in the crowd, we recommend you to get a lighted sign.

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