Did you ever see a child, forcing his mother to go inside a shop pointing at a signboard hanging outside? This is how impactful a signboard can be to increase your sales. If you have something on your sign-board that can compel a passerby to visit your business place or look for information on the internet, you have done that right.

Signage is a very important aspect of advertisement, no matter how advanced our technology has grown still and new advertisement techniques are making their place in the advertising world, the signboard is still the very first step of the tier to introduce your business to the world.

  • Impact:

Impact of signage advertisement is something that cannot be ignored. If you get a good signboard with striking colors and a precise message, its impact would be long-lasting. Anyone looking at your signboard will remember the essence and would step inside at least once and who knows they can turn into a great buyer or client in future for you.

According to a survey, about 76% of people will enter a store or a restaurant only after seeing the sign-board.

  • Great on Budget:

Signage advertisement does wonders when you are low on budget. When you opt for advertisement, your focus is on cost as well so you want a pattern that would last with a greater impact and lighter on your pocket.
You have to pay once and quite less as compared to media marketing and your sign-board would keep on delivering the message for a longer period of time within your budget.

  • Interior and Exterior Signage:

If you get to choose it right, you can add a lot to your business. Keep in mind it is very vital to use signage type according to your needs. If a signboard with a message is going with inside your space, do not place it somewhere outside. Like you need to tell your customers through a signboard about hygiene in your restaurant that signage must be the place inside your restaurant near sitting the area. If you place that on a road, it would discourage people and they would never visit you.

In a survey held in the US about 50% of participants running different kinds of businesses admitted that the wrong choice of signage decreased by about 10% of their sales.
Benefits of off-premise signage:

Signage even if placed far away from your actual business location will serve the purpose of advertisement. Strategically place signage would convey your message to passers-by and would urge them to visit you and see in actual what you are serving. Mobile signage is also very impactful and would keep on sending your message wherever your vehicles and bikes move. Remember food delivery bikes of McDonald’s?
About 38% of companies hailing from elite business claimed that their signage on multiple locations has added to their businesses.

So, if you want a powerful advertisement, keep in mind only media like TV and radio would not do. You need to opt for signage as well. As it is the most powerful and very personal interaction with a client.

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