Yard signs go by various names: lawn signs, post signs, road signs, placards and more. While often associated with political campaigns, we are going to talk about the potential of yard signs for businesses – why are they important, what type should be used and more.

Lawn signs are important marketing tools for businesses. They are usually placed on road-facing lawns so pedestrian and vehicular traffic passing by can see them.

For this very reason, it is important that the signs are not too arty and don’t have too much text. People passing by only have a fleeting moment to take in a message, and unless this message is clear and concise, businesses may lose potential customers.

In the best case scenario, lawn signs, when designed creatively and placed strategically can expose a business to 25,000 persons daily.

There are many ways yard signs can play a significant role in advertising the business.

Concise Text Grabs Attention

Think of a house up for sale… there’s a sign on the front lawn, with large letters saying “FOR SALE” and the name and contact details of the realtor in smaller letters. That’s it. There are no details of the covered area, the heated pool, the hardwood flooring.

People going past will register the word sale, and slow down for contact information if they’re interested.

Yard Signs Are Localized

You will never see a yard sign advertising a business, service or person that is not local. This is why micro and small businesses use these signs to market their brand to local customers – people who are in the area and will have a great brand recall for those moments when they’re in the market for a particular service they saw on a yard sign.

Yard Signs Are Stand-Alone Beacons

Yard signs for businesses do not compete for attention. They make their presence felt with great design and typography.

Because of their very nature, yard signs are stand-alone marketing tools. They quietly let passers-by know there is a business at the spot, or service available.

Two-Faced For The Better

Yard signs printed front and back serve double duty! They reach potential customers headed in different directions without moving an inch themselves!

Limitless Design Options

Lawn signs are easy to design and place. They are not bound by standard store-front signage regulations and can be cut into shapes and sizes that optimize a business’ message without running afoul of municipal authorities.

Lawn Signs Are Cost-Effective

Compared to all other types of signage, lawn signs are cheaper to make and don’t need an entire crew to place in position.

Yard Signs Are Silent Testimonials

Businesses advertising home services like roofing, yard maintenance and driveway paving place their yard signs right where they are displaying their skills. Perfectly shingled roofs, immaculate yards, and nicely paved driveways are testimonials and passersby can see the work done by the business for themselves rather than rely on peer reviews.

WOM Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising is also a fabulous by-product of on-spot yard signs. A whopping 75% of Americans have told someone about business after seeing its signage.

Why yard signs are important for business is clear, and those businesses that will benefit from them should definitely consider investing in them.

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