We make custom and creative multi-tenant signs for businesses.

A pylon or pole sign is your communication device for the purpose of presenting your message about your business, profession or service. These are free standing structures located on the site and offer high visibility to traffic. Pylon signs are usually internally illuminated and have decorative faces using either flat or pan faces. These signs can have a single or double pole structure and can be fitted with pole covers to decorate the poles.

Pylon signs are designed to promote your business image. Pylon signs from Unity Signs take high impact to a new level. These impressive freestanding signs give your customers advance notice of your location, and increase your company’s exposure.

Creating a new pylon sign can be a daunting project, but the professionals at Unity Signs can help. From navigating zoning laws and permits to deciding what materials and technology best suit your needs, the Unity Signs team will make sure your new pylon sign is a solution for the long term.


We have shared some of the most recent and creative pylon signs that we have designed and installed.

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